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Awards for Chasers and Activators
The Award is made on the basis of the number of unique qualifying HuMPs (i.e. excluding Marilyns) activated or chased (see Rules for definition) since the Award start date of 1st January 2012.

The awards as of 2018 have been rationalised and the previous 'class' system abolished. A defining part of the award is how it gets harder and harder as the unique summits a HEMA member hasn't yet activated/chased get further and further away. Combining this with the exponential nature of the previous certificate system seemed to be adding to the challenge to the point of making it unachievable.

To that end we have now created a simple system. For each 25 uniques we award a certificate. There is also a 10 unique activations starter certificate to encourage activity.

Claiming Awards
Previously the award had to be claimed by the HEMA member. However, we have now implemented an automated system where you will hear from the awards manager and your certificate issued. You should now only need to contact us should you think you've been *missed*. The system collates the awards on the last day of each month and you should recieve your award in the first few days of the following month (we hope!)

Award Fee
The award is free of charge and an attractive certificate for each level will be sent via email as a JPG file.