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Countries > G - England > HSP - Southern Pennines > 026-The Roaches >

  G/HSP-026 - The Roaches

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The Lollards, followers of Wycliffe frequented the area, meeting at Lud's Church. The services were characterised by incense and incantations. On occasion the celebrant was known to smoke hallucinatory herbs as part of ritual worship, giving rise to the generic name for the area.

Report 1
 SK004621 - Room for lots of cars along this road. This hill is very popular
 Follow obvious path in-between the large rocky outcrop and the Cloud Hen to your right until you reach SK007620 where there is a crossing of paths. Go left and follow behind the ridge. When you get to SK003628 you will come across a small tarn and the trig point is visible in the far distance. I went up in March 2013 and the path had eroded and was very muddy it took me (I am not fit) an hour to reach trig point. Tony G1JPV

Report 2
 SJ 9955 6447 - Parking area for several cars, very popular walking area very busy even during the week.
 None Specified

43 Activations by 14 Activators

Height 505m
Prominence 123m
Valid From 1 January 2012
Maidenhead Loc. IO93ae
WAB Square SK06
OS Grid Reference SK001638
Summit Feature benchmarked rock
Lat/Long. 53.1721/-1.99986

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