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  GW/HMW-045 - Lan Ddu Cilwenau

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The actual summit is situated in dense forestry (this is part of Brechfa Forest), although there appears to be an E-W ride / firebreak going over the summit. The summit and route to it are on Access land. Nevertheless this is not likely to be an ideal point to access and operate from. There is a TP well within the AZ and having an open field on one side and clear-felled forestry (April 2019) on the other. This is more suitable in terms of take-off and access. The author opted for this location. Given the height and location of the summit it might not provide ideal conditions for VHF.

Report 1
 SN 5874 3779 - Enter the forestry on the track that leaves the road at the given NGR. Turn right and park on the left. Room for about 6 cars.
 From the parking spot walk SSE on the forestry track, past the road access, and onwards. There are two junctions on the way. Always take the right hand option. Eventually you will come to the clear-felled section at the top of the hill, where you will see the TP on your right.

2 Activations by 2 Activators

Height 328m
Prominence 120m
Valid From 1 January 2012
Maidenhead Loc. IO72xa
WAB Square SN53
OS Grid Reference SN576370
Summit Feature 0
Lat/Long. 52.0131/-4.07636

Most Recent Activations
MW0XOT/P 23/04/2019
MW0BBU/P 29/02/2012

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