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  GW/HMW-019 - Carn Llidi

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This is an impressive hill just NW of St. David's, which dominates the local landscape. The views from it are spectacular. The last part of the ascent involves mild rock-climbing (i.e. the use of both hands and feet) and activators should be aware of this. The summit is quite small and rocky although it was just possible to erect a 30m-long wire antenna but this took an hour. The summit is also popular with walkers so this user group should be given consideration. On the S side at least, the closest flat ground appeared to be over 30m below the summit, i.e. outside the AZ. The VHF take-off is excellent, but 20 minutes calling on 145.500 produced no calls, and nothing nearby was heard when scanning the band. It might, therefore, be unwise to rely on 2m.

Report 1
 SM74332720 - This is a wide road verge with room for 1-2 cars. Give good clearance to the field gate access when parking.
 From the parking spot, walk N then NW for 300m, then turn left along a track that goes to the Youth Hostel. Continue to the YH and take the footpath on the right side on the buildings. Proceed for 170m and then turn left on the footpath. From here the footpath winds around the hill and to the summit.

3 Activations by 3 Activators

Height 181m
Prominence 122m
Valid From 1 January 2012
Maidenhead Loc. IO71iv
WAB Square SM72
OS Grid Reference SM738280
Summit Feature rock with protruding bolts
Lat/Long. 51.9045/-5.28964

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MW0XOT/P 17/09/2019
MW0BBU/P 07/02/2012

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