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Countries > G - England > HNP - Northern Pennines > 024-Skipton Moor >

  G/HNP-024 - Skipton Moor

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Report 1
 SE002511 - Shortbank Road is a good place to park as it takes you right onto the path.
 Take the path from SE002511 to SE003511. Go up through the trees to SE003509 and turn left. Follow the track to around SE006510 where there is a small gate on your left. Turn left through the gate and follow track up to the trees to SE007510. Follow the path to around SE010511 there you'll find a path (more like a sheep path) that will take you to SE013510 and then up to the summit. Photos on Flicker.

6 Activations by 6 Activators

Height 373m
Prominence 137m
Valid From 1 January 2012
Maidenhead Loc. IO93aw
WAB Square SE05
OS Grid Reference SE013509
Summit Feature rock 30m W of trig point
Lat/Long. 53.9543/-1.98054

Most Recent Activations
2E0FNJ 23/09/2019
M0RSF/P 14/07/2019
G1XJO/P 23/02/2019
M0KCB/P 14/09/2016
G1JTD/P 13/05/2012

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