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  G/HSP-021 - Overmoor

Height 288m
Prominence 140m
Valid From 1 January 2012
Maidenhead Loc. IO83xa
WAB Square SJ94
OS Grid Reference SJ965477
Summit Feature 0
Lat/Long. 53.0266/-2.05363

Most Recent Activations
2E0YYY/P 08/01/2019
2E0YYY/P 25/12/2018
2E0YYY/P 21/12/2018
2E0YYY 27/11/2018
G7LAS/P 30/10/2018

Summit is just a high spot in the same ilk as the SOTA summit Bishop Wilton Wold G/TW-004. The summit is marked by a covered reservoir and communications mast installation.

Report 1
SJ963473 - Park in the lay-by on the A52. There is a house at one end so I parked at the far end of the lay-by so as to not block access.
From the parking place cross the road (take care as cars think it`s a race track). Cross the stile in the hawthorn hedge to pick up the footpath over the fields. The footpath veers South of the summit so as I approached the reservoir I veered left and set up right next to the communications mast. There were a couple of llamas in the field but they ignored me. I felt a bit self conscious and expected an angry farmer to appear at any time - so I didn`t hang around. The land is quite flat here so the activation zone would be quite big. I think that part of the A52 might possibly be in it - so you have no need to trespass to activate.