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Countries > G - England > HWB - Welsh Borders > 007-Bryn Hill >

  G/HWB-007 - Bryn Hill

The summit is in a field on private land, but you can get within a metre or two in terms of vertical height by operating from the edge of Blakeridge Wood.

Report 1
 SO295866 - Ample room for a couple of cars each side of the track into the woods.
 Enter woods by walking around the vehicle barrier and then after around 50m look on the right for a rough track running at a sharp backwards angle. Off this track another grassy track ascends left and steeply uphill (could be boggy in wet weather) to meet a similar track off on the right. Take this track up to meet the fence at the field edge and walk left along the fence line to the highest point. There are trees along the fence, but rigging an HF dipole was not a problem. VHF worked out okay.

5 Activations by 5 Activators

Height 408m
Prominence 109m
Valid From 1 January 2012
Maidenhead Loc. IO82ll
WAB Square SO28
OS Grid Reference SO294862
Summit Feature 0
Lat/Long. 52.4692/-3.04071

Most Recent Activations
M1MLM/P 01/08/2020
G7LAS/P 24/09/2017
M0XOT/P 24/09/2017
M0KCB/P 13/04/2016
G4OIG/P 16/10/2015

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