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Countries > G - England > HWB - Welsh Borders > 006-Broad Heath >

  G/HWB-006 - Broad Heath

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This is not so much a hill but more a large area of elevated ground that meets the p100 requirement. If fact it is named after the village that sites on top of it. The AZ is large and extends both sides of the road through the village. It would be possible to operate VHF with a simple vertical antenna from the road verges in the AZ. The actual summit is in the field where the water tower is located. Previous activators have operated from the TP, which is only 1m lower than the summit, and provides ample space for any normal antenna. Permission to access this should be sought from Hurcott Farm, just north of the road. On his visit the author found that access permission was readily given.

Report 1
 SO66596533 - Parking on Rectory road on the side on the road adjacent to the village hall.
 Assuming a TP activation. From the parking spot, walk a short distance NE to the B4204. Turn left and walk about 300m W to the large access road to Hurcott Farm. Go down this road and after 70m note a rough track on the right leading to a gate. That gate goes into the TP field. Carry on along the road to the farm and enquire about permission.

6 Activations by 6 Activators

Height 246m
Prominence 104m
Valid From 1 January 2012
Maidenhead Loc. IO82sg
WAB Square SO66
OS Grid Reference SO664652
Summit Feature no feature
Lat/Long. 52.2845/-2.49386

Most Recent Activations
M0KCB/P 09/06/2021
M1MLM/P 15/08/2020
M0XOT/P 22/06/2019
G8XYJ/P 23/03/2012
M0MYA/P 23/03/2012

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