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Countries > G - England > HWB - Welsh Borders > 018-Frith Hill - Bradlow Knoll >

  G/HWB-018 - Frith Hill - Bradlow Knoll

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The summit is within woods above Ledbury. The erection of antennas is somewhat problematic!

Report 1
 SO715386 - Three or four spaces close to a minor cross-road.
 Take the road heading NNE from the crossroad. A footpath starts just before the bend on the left - look for a gap in the hedge. Walk up the steep hillside to access the wood where the footpath turns abruptly left. Steps lead up to Bradlow Knoll which is probably not the highest point. From the OS map that appears to be a little further on. There is little option other than to set up at the side of the footpath. Expect visitors as it is a popular spot.

5 Activations by 5 Activators

Height 238m
Prominence 125m
Valid From 1 January 2012
Maidenhead Loc. IO82tb
WAB Square SO73
OS Grid Reference SO716390
Summit Feature no feature
Lat/Long. 52.049/-2.41516

Most Recent Activations
M0KCB/P 08/06/2021
M0XOT/P 01/08/2018
G7LAS/P 01/08/2018
M6XOO 29/07/2018
G4OIG/P 25/04/2013

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