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***LATEST News 25th March 2024***
New DXCC!!! New Zealand!
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HEMA stands for HuMPs Excluding Marilyns Award. To the uninitiated that might look like gobbledegook. A HuMP is a summit that has Hundred Metre Prominence, meaning that it sticks up above the surrounding land by at least 100m. A Marilyn is a summit with 150m prominence. HEMA then is an award for HuMPs with a prominence of less than 150m. Marilyns have their own award scheme through SOTA. The HEMA scheme currently operates in the UK and Ireland, other parts of Europe and Australia. If you would like information on setting up a new association in a DXCC not currently in the HEMA scheme please contact

So HEMA HuMPs are just little hills then? Well it's true to say that on average HEMA HuMPs are probably lower but the way they are measured means that there are some very high ones. For example, after climbing Pen y Fan, the highest summit in South Wales, you could go on to climb the HuMP GW/HSW-009 Cribyn, which stands at 795m. Some HEMA HuMPS present a few challenges, such dense tree cover or scrub, but that's all part of the fun! However, there are many that can be accessed easily with a gentle stroll, so there is something for everyone.

The HEMA award scheme records both 'uniques', i.e. the number of different summits you have activated, and also the total qualifying activations, which includes repeats on a once per calendar year basis. The activator league table shows uniques in one column and all qualifying activations in another. One point is awarded for a successful qualifying activation irrespective of the height of the summit, and there is no winter bonus. The chasers scheme is similar, except that a point will be awarded for a successful chase on a once per calendar day basis for any given summit. This means that working two or more stations on, for example, “Win Hill G/HSP-030” on the same day will not get you extra points, but is nevertheless in the true spirit of amateur radio. In these cases all stations worked should be logged.

So why activate HEMA HuMPS? Some of our finest hills fall into this group, proving that size isn't everything. Most HEMA HuMPs are not visited that frequently, and so provide a degree of solitude that the bigger summits often lack. If you've ever been on Pen y Fan on a busy day with 300 other visitors you'll appreciate that! Finally, they are generally more plentiful than Marilyns and so will give you many more hill activating opportunities, and remember, there are still quite a few unactivated ones for you to stamp your name on!