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Chaser League Table

GI0BFD 17 Uniques 18 Qualifying Points

Date (Time) Summit Ref Summit Band/Mode Chaser Activator Type Uniques Qual. Points Comments
10/09/2022 G/HWB-035 The Lawley 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD/P G7LAS/P U 1 1 G/HWB 035 TO Gi/HSW 009
12/02/2023 G/HNP-002 Beacon Hill 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD/P G7LAS/P U 2 2 Gi/HSW-009 TO G/HNP-002
17/02/2023 F/HSO-080 Le Ch√Ęteau 14MHz (SSB) GI0BFD F4IDC/P U 3 3 TNX TRISTAN FOR F/HSO-080
19/03/2023 G/HLD-047 Stickle Pike 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD M0NOM/P U 4 4 Tnx Mark for Pota & hema
29/05/2023 GM/HSS-062 Cairnoch Hill 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD GM7LAS/P U 5 5 Tnx Rob
02/06/2023 G/HSP-020 Old Man of Mow 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD 2R0YYY/P U 6 6 - Tnx Mike
25/06/2023 G/HSE-004 Bembridge Down 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD G8XDD/P U 7 7 Tnx Dave
16/07/2023 G/HSP-025 Stanton Moor 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD G7LAS/P U 8 8 Tnx Rob for summit 73's
01/08/2023 GM/HES-022 Carnferg 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD MM0EFI/P U 9 9 Tnx Frazer for hump
06/08/2023 G/HTW-002 Black Hambleton 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD/P 2E0IHM/P U 10 10 Tnx Stephen for Hump
07/08/2023 G/HSE-013 North's Seat 14MHz (SSB) GI0BFD 2E0VOO/P U 11 11 Tnx Ben for Hump
10/08/2023 GM/HCS-012 Beinn Ghlas 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD GM4OIG/P U 12 12 Tnx Gerald for Hump
19/08/2023 G/HSP-015 Idle Hill [Werneth Low] 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD M7RXW/P U 13 13 Tnx Robin gor Hump
01/09/2023 G/HSP-020 Old Man of Mow 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD/P M1MLM/P Q 13 14 Tnx Ben for H2H GI/HSW-004 TO G/HSP-020
02/09/2023 G/HLD-024 Great How (Thirlmere) 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD 2E0VOO/P U 14 15 Tnx Ben for Hump
02/09/2023 G/HLD-024 Great How (Thirlmere) 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD G7LAS/P NQ 14 15 Tnx Rob for Hump
02/09/2023 G/HLD-043 Sandale Hill 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD MODXT/P U 15 16 Tnx Bill for Hump
02/09/2023 G/HSE-019 Wheatham Hill 7MHz (SSB) GI0BFD G8XDD/P U 16 17 Tnx Dave for hump
29/01/2024 G/HSE-007 Gibbet Hill 14MHz (SSB) GI0BFD G8XDD/P U 17 18 Tnx Dave for Hump and POTA